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Finance Transformation

Delivering strategic thinking and measurable outcomes

We help CFOs to play a more prominent and proactive role as facilitators of business transformation, assisting teams as they tackle business and financial challenges. ECM Consulting Group identifies opportunities for improvement across the people/organization, process, data, and technology dimensions to enable better performance as measured by all stakeholders.

“CFOs increasingly find themselves in the thick of transformation efforts, whether they involve overhauling the finance function, reshaping the business model, or re-imagining other functions.”

In this process, CFOs are still responsible for doing more with less, streamlining and reducing transactional costs, maintaining an effective control framework, and helping the business make the right decisions to improve business performance.  


Value to our Clients

  • A data-driven approach tailored specifically to your needs to build the business case and drive change across the finance organization.

  • Experience in your industry that will be leveraged to challenge the current state and build an optimized future state.

  • Deep organizational redesign experience to envision and deploy a new service delivery model focused on supporting your growth agenda while lowering the cost of running the finance organization.

  • An outcome-driven mindset focused on delivering early wins and fixing processes for the long term.

  • Zero tolerance for “waste” which will translate into high impact recommendations to lower cost and free up capacity.

  • The situational awareness that cost transformation must be anchored in the context of your strategy (i.e., enable growth).

  • Recommendations that create cost leverage, increase agility, scalability, and build new capabilities.

  • A focus on change management that incorporates your readiness and the conditions required to “make change stick”.

Our Approach 

​Each finance transformation has unique circumstances. We listen to your concerns and put ourselves in your shoes. Having worked in over 30 countries, our experience suggests that to achieve the desired results, the transformation must be supported by a sound strategy and capabilities to execute it efficiently. 

Finance Transformation Services and strategy

Strategy phase

Before we can solve a problem, a company needs to know exactly what the problem is, and a good amount of thinking and resources must be put into understanding it.

Outcomes of this phase (ECM Consulting Group facilitates this process)

  • Problem/Opportunity Defined

    • A clear definition of the challenge/opportunity

  • Vision defined

    • A vision of where the company wants to go

  • Alternatives defined

    • They are understood and agreed by all stakeholders

  • Consequences

    • Consequences of each alternative are assessed and measured

  • Trade-offs considered

    • A balance is achieved among desirable but incompatible alternatives

  • Risked assessed

    • All key ones are assessed in terms of likelihood and impacts

  • Business Case

    • Approved by Management

Execution Phase

Key Activities

  • Forming a Team

  • Developing a blueprint

  • Developing a program plan

  • Estimating cost savings and metrics

  • Managing change and communication

  • Managing program risks proactively

  • Sharing of best practices

Outcomes of this phase

  • Confirmation that estimated cost savings and metrics were achieved

  • Strategic goals achieved

Regions covered by our Firm

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To discuss how the finance organization can add more value to the business

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