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Order to Cash

Accelerating Cash Inflows – Cash is King

Why Order to Cash is important?

Order to Cash is the end-to-end process that addresses all aspects from initial order receipt and credit authorization to collections and revenue assurance activities. The goal of the order to cash process is to consistently fulfill the “perfect order”.

As a critical operation of your business, it makes sense to reduce the time needed to receive the revenue generated from the sale of your products/services. Without the working capital generated from this revenue, a corporation might end up not having enough cash flow to pay for bills or buy raw materials needed to replenish inventory.

Any corporation needs to optimize the Order to Cash while balancing conflicting goals (e.g., more sales vs lower credit risk). All steps included in the Order to Cash process are necessary for the desired outcome—getting paid. 

Order to Cash

Global experience in the underlying processes that support the Order to Cash process

With professional experience working in over 30 countries, ECM Consulting Group brings best practices, metrics, and technology trends aimed at optimizing all the Order to Cash activities.


Whether through continued improvement or transformation of the Order to Cash process, a company can expect to increase free cash flow between 15% to 25% and improve the following metrics:

  • Credit Check: Lower percentage of bad debts, producing a positive revenue impact.

  • Order Management: Increased order accuracy, resulting in faster payments and fewer disputes, offsets, and rebills.

  • Collections: Lower DSO, producing a positive cash flow impact.

  • Cash Apps: Lower percentage of unapplied cash, resulting in faster and more accurate account reconciliations.

  • Deductions Management: A higher percentage of deductions collected, with the resulting positive impact on revenue.

  • OTC process cost: Lower expense as compared to SG&A expenses.

  • Better overall performance: Increased production with fewer resources.

Our Approach?

ECM Consulting Group’s approach includes assessing and improving the key performance metrics of the Order to Cash process. The approach outlined below is intended to be flexible to accommodate the unique challenges of each company.

Order to Cash Flow Revised 1 of 2.png
Order to Cash Flow Revised 2 of 2.png

Regions covered by our Firm

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To discuss what it can be done to speed up cash inflows

Managing cash during uncertain times is critical. This free Ebook provides insights for you to consider.

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