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Program Management

Better strategy execution through sound program management 

We help companies to achieve their strategic goals by (1) running complex, global initiatives, (2) becoming part of your team, or (3) building a Program Management Office (PMO). We have led programs in over 30 countries for multinational companies related to:

Process Improvement

  • Order to Cash

  • Purchase to Pay

  • Record to Report

CFO Advisory

  • Risk Management

  • FP&A Optimization

  • Systems implementation

  • Divestitures/Spin-offs

  • Global Business Services

  • Outsourcing & Supply Chain

  • Organizational Design

  • M&A Integration

  • Finance Transformation

Changes are ongoing everywhere. Sometimes it’s a financial crisis, it’s the threat from a competitor, growth just hits a wall, it’s the opportunity to ride a global megatrend, or it’s simply the result of planning for the future.  

 “As every strategic initiative is essentially a project or program, more companies are understanding the value that program management brings to them. It is about doing more with less and attaining the goals outlined by the strategic initiative. A haphazard approach is too risky as any initiative must be done right the first time around”

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Value to our Clients

  • Deep industry experience in Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Chemicals, Entertainment, Professional Services, Waste Management, Food Packaging, Commercial Printing, among others.

  • Program Delivery and Governance using our proprietary accelerators our talented program and project management experts who also possess subject-matter knowledge can make sure your strategic objectives are realized on time and within budget.

  • Strategic and Tactical Planning. Our people can help you execute your strategy or get hands-on with tactical execution – whatever it takes to get the job done.

  • Reporting and Metrics to make sure the program remains on track and issues are managed proactively.

  • Management structure to ensure your requirements are consistently achieved and/or improved.

  • A PMO structure with standardized tools, processes, measures, and quality controls to ensure your requirements are consistently met and/or improved.

  • Clear roles and responsibilities so that your organization has full clarity on the role they are to play in the new PMO organizational structure.

Our Approach

The Program Management Life Cycle is structured as follows:

  • Pre-program set up

    • Identification of a strategic objective that needs to be fulfilled by the company

    • Obtain executive team buy-in

  • Program Set-Up

    • Development of a plan on how the program will deliver

  • Infrastructure build-up

    • To support the program and constituent projects

  • Delivery of benefit

    • Coordination that all projects deliver the expected benefits

  • Closure

    • Controlled close of the program

    • Confirmation of benefits

    • Deliverables are handed over to operations

Regions covered by our Firm

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To discuss the program you want to launch

Managing cash during uncertain times is critical. This free Ebook provides insights for you to consider.

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