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Finance chiefs (CFO’s) have never had more complex challenges and responsibilities, a trend that is likely to continue. While the core responsibility of a CFO is in the world of finance and accounting, the modern CFO is also a cross-functional leader involved with everything from business strategy, leading cross-functional programs and managing daily operations. The CFO’s focus is on finance, but their overall perspective is on the entire business.

As a global management consulting firm, founded by Eduardo Chavez in 2013, ECM Consulting Group specializes in helping CFO’s to increase their corporations’ return on investment and competitiveness. 

Leveraging on our over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 corporations based in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, our solutions serve the needs of clients across a spectrum of industries. We are different because we understand not only the US business environment but the cultural differences and intricacies of doing business overseas.

ECM Consulting Group has helped well-known corporations to reduce SG&A expenses by 30%, improve the performance of key processes, and add shareholder value by managing strategic, financial, and operational programs. 

Liquidity management during uncertain times

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Type of challenges we can tackle 

  • Finance organization strategy and structure

  • Finance technology optimization

  • Operating costs optimization

  • Working capital management

  • Business process redesign/optimization

  • Design and streamlining of Global Business Organizations

  • Increasing the efficiency of finance and other operational areas

  • M&A Integration/Spin-offs/Divestitures

  • Software selection and implementation

  • Cross-functional, complex and global programs.

Eduardo and I worked together to assist a well-known Parking Operations Management & Valet Services company to define a financial systems strategy and to evaluate a new ERP system to support finance, accounting, and operations. This initiative was part of a larger business transformation initiative. His deep knowledge in the areas of financial application functionality and related processes were instrumental to understand the client’s IT architecture and business requirements. Also, he managed the process of selecting ERP vendors, coordinating demos, and estimating the cost of ownership. He's a true professional; I enjoyed working with him and getting done what we needed to deliver for our mutual client. Eduardo operated very well at the intersection of business and technology. I am confident he can add value to any corporation committed to improving its performance.

Executive Vice President – Health Care Corporation

Overseas regions covered by our Firm

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ECM Consulting Group | United States

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