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Eduardo Chavez is the Founder and CEO of the ECM Consulting Group. 

He is an executive with over 20 years of experience managing and delivering business and finance information technology solutions for corporations with as much as $69 billion in sales. Eduardo is well-versed in the intricacies of doing business internationally as his career in industry and management consulting has taken him around the world. 

He possesses a unique blend of entrepreneurial drive combined with a deep passion for business and technology. His skill set ranges from business transformation, corporate finance, operations, business process optimization, and leading strategic programs. 
Eduardo’s management consulting experience was developed while working for well-known firms such as Accenture, Capgemini, and Arthur Andersen. 

Before consulting, Eduardo managed international finance operations for Bristol Myers Squib, Warner Brothers, and Willis Towers Watson with subsidiaries in over 30 countries. 
Eduardo holds an MBA Degree from Saint Joseph’s University, a CPA degree in Latin America and has been trained as Six Sigma Black Belt.

Beyond his professional work, he enjoys traveling, exploring new cultures, customs, and traditions. 

What does Eduardo believe in?

  • That continually striving for excellence, continually striving to improve, must be my way of life.   

  • In an inclusive, active leadership style of management.

  • That good planning beats good luck.

  • Trusting relationships are essential in business and life.  Work to establish and protect trust with associates at all costs.  

  • Open and honest communication – No hidden agendas.  

  • Shared business goals generate a higher-level commitment to the mutual success of customers and suppliers.  

  • Big Hairy Audacious Goals – Playing it safe only works for so long.  

  • Innovation – Change or die!

  • Change - People are motivated to change when the pain of doing the same thing becomes unbearable. 

  • Being flexible – A plan lasts only until it confronts its first obstacle.  People must be agile to adapt and adjust to the circumstances at hand.  

  • Taking calculated risks.

  • Being a big picture thinker.

  • Being an ethical and trustworthy person.

  • In helping others succeed in any endeavor. 

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