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Energy Efficiency Incentive Process and Risk Review

($1.5 Billion Energy Consulting Firm)
  • This Firm runs Energy Conservation Programs on behalf of Utility Companies across North America.
  • Residential and Business Accounts are entitled to a rebate if certain requirements are met.
  • Due to the high number of transactions, the objective of this project was to develop actionable recommendations for improving process efficiencies and minimizing financial risk (e.g. overpaying rebates)
  • For each selected program, we performed the following:
    • Interviewed Program Managers to obtain an overview of key pain points, risks, and concerns.
    • Reviewed relevant program documentation including process maps, contracts, and status tracking models.
    • Performed walkthroughs of the selected programs.
    • Ascertained degree of compliance with internal policies.
    • Identified financial risks and opportunities to improve processes.
    • Assessed the robustness of the performance metrics being used.


  • Centralization of the risk management function including the roll-out of a software solution.
  • Automation of the rebate application entry process.
  • Utilization of ACH or another form of paperless transaction for Rebate Payments.
  • Implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate the Quality Control (QC) Process.
  • Launching a process improvement program to streamline/standardize processes and reduce operating costs.

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ECM Consulting Group | United States

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