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Procurement and T&E Expenses

(US$4 Billion Telecommunication Company)
  • Despite company size, procurement activities and T&E expenses were managed mostly manually and using spreadsheets.
  • Due to the above, daily activities were not processed consistently, audit trial was weak including the bidding process.
  • As the company was publicly traded, the end to end process needed to be improved and standardized to be SOX compliant.
  • Our mandate was to identify and implement software that met their requirements and was cost-effective.
  • Made quick cost comparison between an on-premise vs cloud-based solutions. The former was the winner.
  • Researched cloud-based solutions based on software company reputation and stability, software flexibility, cost per user and implementation time.
  • Presented three options and facilitated the vendor selection process.
  • Facilitated configuration decisions and coordinated Users’ training.
  • Oversaw the creation of an interface with an ERP system.


  • The selected cloud-based solution went live after 4 months of contract signing.
  • Software functionality enabled the company to have better controls, automated approval workflows, and strong reporting capabilities.
  • The new environment became SOX compliant.

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