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SAP Implementation

($69 Billion Distributor of Pharmaceutical Products)
  • The information systems were not able to keep up with the needs of a growing company and its customers.
  • The goal was to deploy SAP to replace home-grown, non-integrated systems, some dating back to the 1970s.
  • Our mandate was to develop a blueprint so that the Order to Cash process could be run on SAP.
  • An SAP blueprint is a detailed description of a company's business processes and system requirements.
  • Aligned business requirements to the SAP business model.
  • Documented the AS-IS processes.
  • Documented the TO-BE process.
  • Developed the solution design.
  • Identified additional functionality and technical requirements.
  • Documented reporting requirements and needed integrations with other systems.


  • Completed, documented, and signed off:
    • Business Process Hierarchy and Design.
    • Solutions Design.
    • GAP Identification and resolution.
    • Solutions Landscape and Architecture.
  • Assessment of Organizational and Business Process Changes.
  • Subsequent implementation of the SAP enabled to shorten the end-to-end process from 60 to 30 days.
  • Reduced collections costs and DSO by 40% and 20% respectively.
  • SAP provided more meaningful strategic and operational reports.

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