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Spin-off Project

($13 Billion Commercial Printing Company)
  • To create more value for the shareholders, it had been decided to split the company into three different public companies.
  • This company was global with over 20 manufacturing facilities. It had three regional Shared Service Centers.
  • Working with the Executive Team, our mandate was to stand up Finance and IT at each company.
  • Obtained buy-in to create a Project Management Office. Developed a detailed plan and responsibility for the execution assigned.
  • Determined the assets, liabilities and operating accounts to be picked up by each company.
  • Developed the Finance and IT organizations for each company.
  • Oversaw the creation of three instances of SAP.
  • Developed and oversaw the execution of a readiness assessment plan.
  • Developed and oversaw the execution of a cut over the plan.
  • Developed and executed a stabilization plan after the spin-off date.


  • The spin-off took place on the day originally planned.
  • All minor challenges encountered post spin-off date were addressed expeditiously.
  • The success of this transaction became public information.

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